The idea behind Samsung ditching Android in the future is nothing new, and we’ve heard reports, tips, and rumors on this for a long while. However, lately their Tizen OS has been getting a lot of attention. Some say it’s been shelved, but recently it was reportedly spotted running quite smooth on the companies current Android flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

To be more specific, this is Tizen 3.0 on the Galaxy S4, which is one of their latest and most mature versions of the mobile operating system. If you look closely, you can see this is the brainchild of Meego, Bada, Android, and even hints of Windows Phone in there. They sure know how to take cues (read: steal) ideas from others, don’t they?

The Samsung and Intel-partnered Linux-based operating system is in its 3rd internal release, and if what we’re seeing today is accurate thing are coming along quite well. They’ve made the entire design flat, pretty, simple, and much more in line with current smartphone trends. Although, they might want to think outside of the box instead of matching what’s currently popular. Think big!

TIZEN 3.0 UI Indonesia (5)

We’ve heard talk of it being nearly canceled and delayed by Samsung. With the Galaxy line and Android doing so extremely well, why even replace it. Samsung surely will (and has) denied any plans to exit the Android ecosystem, but if they didn’t have to rely as much on Google, surely they’d be happy.

There hasn’t been a lot of news lately on Tizen, but these latest pictures with a nice clean UI, awesome looking notifications, and more all running on the Galaxy S4 has people’s interest piqued again. Myself included. We’re still not expecting anything until sometime in 2014, if ever, so rest easy knowing a Galaxy S5 is still coming early next year.

VIA: Tizen Indonesia


  1. Well let’s look at past attempts for a Samsung OS, wasn’t it called bada the one they replaced with Android #fail. Now they have a mish mash of old mobile OS ideas slapped together that tbh from the pictures don’t look that great, will be so locked down it will have virtually no appeal to developers (a bit like bada’s 14ish app catalogue) and the cost of upkeep will be laid at the consumers feet.

  2. Sammy won’t ever truly go through with Tizen. I can’t understand why the article refers to “if they didn’t have to rely as much on Google, surely they’d be happy”. Samsung doesn’t pay Google for Android…it’s free…there’s no co-dependency there. So where exactly is the reliance? Did Google cry when Sammy made the ATIV, or offered laptops with Windows?

    • android is free … yes …. but Google Play Store, Google Maps, GMail Youtube and all the other Google Apps are not free and Samsung has to pay Google for each and every phone that ships with the Play Store pre-loaded on it!!!!

  3. Nothing lasts for ever. A few years ago, when I saw the first t-mobile G1, I wasn’t any where near interested. I wanted windows moblie and never thought it would be shelved.

    Android cant last…..surely……


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