Samsung Event First Look 2021

Samsung will make a big announcement earlier than usual next year. 2021 will start with the South Korean tech giant showing off a new display technology plus other smartphones. The event entitled ‘The First Look 2021’ will happen on January 6. This year is different because instead of just introducing new smart TVs, Samsung is also expected to reveal other products including the Galaxy S21 smartphones. The First Look 2021 event will have Samsung presenting the “future of the display” ahead of the CES.

The technology may be used on TVs, monitors, and of course, smartphones and maybe even wearables. A source is saying Samsung may be announcing new 4K and 8K QLED TVs, Mini-LED TVs, and MicroLED TVs based on the silhouettes on the event poster.

Samsung could be launching new tablets and laptops with the new display tech. New TVs may also be unveiled. The last Samsung smart TV we featured here was the Samsung The Sero TV. That series allowed 4K viewing in portrait mode.

Samsung’s new TVs may offer 4K resolution with the OLED screen. There is a 110-inch MicroLED TV from Samsung that may also get a follow-up. The new TVs will probably have specs better than or maybe just the same–with built-in 5.1-channel speakers, zero bezels, and high-quality OLED-like display. The TVs may still run on Tizen OS. Samsung said to expect immersive audio, high contrast ratio, and very high brightness as described.

The MicroLED display is a relatively new technology. It’s like OLED but one with better viewing angles, fast response time, and better contrast. It’s not exactly affordable so we can expect the new upcoming TVs will be expensive.