Recently, Samsung confirmed their focus on the mid-range market. Perhaps due to the S4 not selling as they’d hoped (even though it crushed the competition), or a new mindset about their lineup, Samsung is refocussing their efforts. A new device has passed WiFi certificaton, and it looks to be another mid-range smartphone from Samsung.

 The SM-S780L also has a user agent profile on the Samsung website, so we’re assured it’s in the works. It also received the aforementioned WiFi certification, in which we see it has the normal dual-band a/b/g/n/ac standard. From there, not a whole lot is known.

It has a 720 x 1280 display, so we know it’s not got a world class resolution. We’re also not seeing a screen size, or any other details. We’d think it to have 1.5GB RAM, and 16GB Memory or so, but that’s speculative, and based on similar Samsung models. We’re also not sure it’s coming to the US just yet. It’s been tipped to be on offer from LG U+, a South Korean carrier. Though they operate a CDMA network, as Verizon and Sprint do domestically, we’re not yet hearing it will come to the US.

We’re expecting to hear more about this at MWC, where Samsung has made concerted efforts in previous years to let the world know what their serving. The Galaxy S5 is said to be announced the day ahead of MWC, so it could be announced at the same time. Given Samsung’s propensity for grandeur, it’s doubtful they’d let a mid-range device steal any attention from their flagship.
VIA: Phone Arena