When you think of augmented reality or AR, you probably only think of games like Pokemon Go or some other marketing gimmicks that brands are doing. But it has a lot of other functions that can bridge the real world and your phone or any mobile device. One of those ways is measuring things in your environment without using an actual measuring device. Google actually devised an AR-based ruler app but of course, Samsung wants to do it better. They have now released the Quick Measure app to compete with Google’s. The only problem is it will only work with the Galaxy S10 5G for now.

Samsung’s Quick Measure app is, on paper, technically better than Google’s app because the latter only gives you an approximate of the measure of flat surfaces that you point your phone at. The Quick Measure app meanwhile uses a time of flight depth sensor to calculate the measurements. Not only does it calculate the size but it can also estimate the area, length, depth, and distance from you and your phone.

When you point your phone at an object when the app is open, it can automatically detect it. You will also be able to draw a line between two objects if you want to calculate the distance between them. And depending on what you’re more used to or what your country defaults to, you can toggle between centimeters and inches so you don’t have to use another app or Google the conversion.

However, while it’s infinitely better than Google’s Measure app, you will only be able to use Samsung’s Quick Measure app on the Galaxy S10 5G which is currently available in South Korea but is still soon to come in other territories. So you won’t be able to test it out just yet if you don’t have that particular smartphone.

Hopefully, making this app available in other smartphones is something that Samsung is working on. Otherwise, despite the issues that you may have with it, the Measure app from Google is still your best option if you don’t want to use a meter stick or other actual measuring devices.