The recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ from the Unpacked event earlier this month already have a lot of new features users can enjoy. But add the latest One UI 3 update and you get even more new things that you can explore, especially if you also have any of the also newly introduced Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Buds Pro. You’ll get enhanced connected experiences with these new Samsung devices like seamless sharing, second screen feature, and streamlined Galaxy ecosystem.

If you have your Galaxy S21 and your Galaxy Tab S7 running on One UI 3, you will be able to copy text or images from one device and paste it to the other and vice versa. When you’re browsing the Internet and you want to transfer to the other device, you can also do so now but on the Samsung Internet browser of course. After browsing a webpage on one device, go to the other and click on the recents button then tap the Samsung Internet icon, and your most recently accessed page will load.

When you need a second screen either for work or even for play, you can also now use the Second screen feature to connect your Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7+ with your compatible laptop. Extend mode will let you connect to your Windows PC and work across two different apps on each screen. Duplicated mode meanwhile will let you share what apps or documents you have on your tablet directly to your laptop screen. You’ll also be able to save the changes you made there.

Lastly, you get even a more streamlined Galaxy Ecosystem if your new devices are running on One UI 3. The Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature lets you connect your Book Cover Keyboard to your smartphone and tablet and switch easily between the two. The touchpad of your keyboard can also be used as a cursor on your smartphone. The Auto Switch functionality lets you automatically switch your Galaxy Buds Pro connection from one device to another.

These new features will be available for devices that are running on One UI 3 but feature availability may vary for each device model. No news yet as to when other “older” Samsung devices can expect the update.