Samsung provides network solutions to mobile operators delivering 5G connectivity; until now the solution is pretty cumbersome and has large OPEX costs for the operators. As a solution, with the intention to make the process simpler and quicker, Samsung Electronics took to the “Samsung Networks: Redefined,” – its virtual event – to launch a new radio with integrated antennas.

The new radio is designed primarily to allow mobile operators overcome the current challenges faced in deploying 5G networks. Dubbed One Antenna Radio, it comes with integrated antennas that help the third party speed up their 5G installations.

The radio comprises a 3.5GHz Massive MIMO radio with onboard low-band and mid-band passive antennas in a single unit. Fitting all into one unit, instead of having to install antennas separately, Samsung has solved the challenge of the existing 5G setup, which faces the issues of “space and footprint restrictions on-site and on towers.”

As the Korean tech giant puts it, the all-in-one radio will help operators minimize space. Owing to the radio’s compactness less space will be required for installation and the operational cost involved in space rentals, cabling, hardware management and maintenance will be minimized.

The new 5G radio with integrated antennas will be available as part of the company’s Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio early next year. Reportedly, it will first be available for the European markets.