Samsung is not only leading the way with foldable phones, but it’s also excelling way ahead of the competition in terms of optics. The Korean tech giant has already announced its ISOCELL HP1 camera sensor with 200MP resolution, first to be based on 0.64µm-pixels and new pixel binning technology. Now the brand has detailed what to expect from the sensor when it makes way into the hardware in the near future.

The images by the new sensor reportedly capture each and every minute detail that even the human eye can miss, and keeps the details intact even when the image is cropped or zoomed. Interestingly, the ISOCELL HP1 uses deep learning-based remosaic algorithm to allow users to take full advantage of the 200MP sensor, employing 4×4 hybrid pixel-binning technology to take high-quality videos.

This interesting pixel count allows the sensor to record 8K videos at 30fps combining 1.28μm-sized pixel. There is minimum loss in the field of view and the sensor using the same tech can also record 4K slow motion videos at 120fps.

For grain-less photos in low light, the ISOCELL HP1 combines “pixel-binning technology, Smart-ISO and multisampling.” When shooting in low light, 4×4 pixel-binning form a unit of 16 pixels into one 2.56μm-sized pixel for more light absorption resulting in 12.5MP images with less noise.

According to Samsung, the Smart ISO technology in the sensor allows much clearer pictures in very low light conditions. The sensor can tailor ISO setting to light conditions, and employing multi-sampling, reads each pixel in a frame multiple times to average the reading for the highest quality pictures.

The ISOCELL HP1 also features HDR for color-rich photos, while the integration of staggered HDR allows sensor to shoot with a dynamic range as high as 100dB. The Smart ISO and Smart ISO Pro allow videos to be recorded in HDR with less motion artifacts.

Additionally to permit quick and accurate autofocus the new 200MP sensor uses Double Super PD. Per Samsung, the most precious moments we click from the mobile devices should be cherished in best quality, and the ISOCELL HP1 will make that possible. There is no confirmation on when the sensor will make it into the hardware yet.


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