While there’s still no known vaccine for the coronavirus, one of the best ways that we can protect ourselves is by practicing basic personal hygiene. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the habit of washing their hands regularly. It may seem common sense for some but for those who still need to develop this habit, there’s an app for that. If you have a Galaxy Watch device, you will now be able to use the Hand Wash app so you can be reminded to, you guessed it, wash your hands.

The app was actually launched this April but is probably now available for more Galaxy Watch users. It may seem like a pretty simple maybe even trivial app but given that hand washing may actually save lives, this is a pretty important one to have. They say it takes 30 days or so to develop a habit so this may very well be your tool to have a life-long practice of regularly washing your hands with the help of the app and your smartwatch.

Studies say that we should be washing our hands 6-10 times a day to lower the risk of being infected. But you probably forget to do so while you go about all your regular activities. You can set an alarm on the app to remind you it’s time to wash your hands. You can modify the timings of your alarm like reminding you every two hours. You can also set your targets in the dashboard so you have a goal to reach.

The app will also serve as your timer for the recommended 20 seconds handwashing habit. Well, it’s actually 25 seconds since it will give you 5 seconds to apply soap and then 20 seconds to do the proper handwashing as shown by various health expert videos and infographics. Just tap and swipe your watch to start your counter which will also give you haptic feedback and graphics as you do your thing.

The Samsung Hand Wash app is now available at the Galaxy Store for Gear S3, Gear Sports, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Active 2. Since Galaxy Watches are waterproof, you don’t need to remove your smartwatch while washing.


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