Samsung’s expanding universe of Galaxy-branded phones now includes two new satellites: the Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos. The Galaxy Y variants are the first of Samsung’s new “Dous” line. The slate and QWERTY form factors are nothing to write home about, but the insides conceal a surprise: support for dual SIM cards. Otherwise, you get a pair of budget Android phones with GSM radios tuned to international GSM standards.

Both phones run 2.3 Gingerbread with 3-megapixel rear cameras and VGA front-facing cams. The Galaxy Y Duos uses a 3.14-inch LCD screen as its only input aside from Samsung’s standard navigation buttons, while the Galaxy Y Pro Duos shrinks the screen down to 2.6 inches and crams in a full hardware keyboard. Both screens are a disappointing 320 x 240, but at such a small size that’s not a deal-breaker. Samsung’s TouchWiz adorns the interface.

The new dual-SIM phones get 4GB of built-in storage each, with a free 2GB MicroSD card thrown in for good measure. The standard model has a 1300 mAh battery while the Pro gets a slightly expanded 1350 version. These aren’t exactly gunning for the superphone crowd, but they should make solid budget phones. If you frequently travel internationally and swap out SIM cards for local use, the flexible hardware could come in handy. The Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos should become available everywhere except the United States starting in January. Prices were not provided.