We’ve been hearing a lot of random reports and rumors about Samsung’s GALAXY S 4, even though the device is already available worldwide and on most US carriers. So what are these rumors? Talks of a GALAXY S 4 Zoom with a 16 megapixel camera, the GALAXY S 4 Active, and now reports of a new blue color variation. Samsung isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

While we’re still waiting for the Zoom or Active version of the smartphone to be revealed or announced, the regular GS4 is readily available and in the hands of consumers as we speak. When Samsung announced the GALAXY S 4 it was confirmed they’d only be offering a White Front and Black Mist version of the device, but today we have a leak showing another color.

For some odd reason the option for different colors on smartphones is a tough on for many manufacturers. You can get NOKIA phones in an array of colors, and the same goes for your iPod, but generally smartphones stick to black or white. Today we’re getting details that for Japan, and possible the rest of the world Samsung has a Blue Arctic GALAXY S 4 in the works and coming soon.


You’ll be able to stand out a bit in the sea of millions of Galaxy devices by getting the blue version if it ever hits the streets outside of Japan. The report states Docomo will get it first, available next month, and others could see it arrive in the coming weeks. Maybe the late to the game Verizon model will also come in Blue, but that’s doubtful.

Does the color of your smartphone matter all that much to you? Sure getting a choice is nice if available, but does it matter when many of you just cover it with a case anyways? Let us know!

SOURCE: SamMobile

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