If you are a fan of the choose-your-own-adventure type of storytelling, you’ll probably be interested in this latest campaign that Samsung is doing to promote its Galaxy Note 10+ 5G device. They have collaborated with Social Chain to create an interactive video adventure using the Instagram Stories platform, letting you make choices on various elements to solve a “mystery”. It wasn’t just a simple case of creating Stories but is an elaborate mode of storytelling that involves the user’s decisions.

The Choose Your Own Adventure books were hugely popular in the 90s and this kind of creative storytelling made a sort of comeback with Bandersnatch, a Netflix/Black Mirror episode. Brands started experimenting again with interactive and choice-based elements on their creative and marketing materials. And so to make their Galaxy Note 10+ 5G stand out among the new devices, Samsung thought of adapting this technique.

The storyline is pretty basic. You will be handed a hard case with the Samsung label but before the handover, someone snatches the case away. The “game” then involves you trying to chase whoever stole the case through various urban environments. You will have to make a series of decisions through the interconnected Instagram stories, like picking a path, choosing which person to follow, etc.

To create this interactive adventure, they had to create 20 individual Instagram accounts and 50 Stories. It involves a lot of digital running and having to make quick choices, so if these aren’t your jam, you might find it a bit stressful. The object of the activity is to get the phone back and then unlock a special feature when you do so.

Of course, it’s still a marketing ploy for the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G so you might see some of the features highlighted like Super Steady mode, Zoom-in Mic mode, and using your deivice to measure real-world instruments. Check out the Samsung UK Instagram account to be able to play around with the Instagram Stories.


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