We’ve been expecting that when Samsung finally unveils its long-reported foldable display smartphone next year, it will cost us more than $1,000. But the latest rumor going around, at least in terms of pricing, is that the rumored Galaxy F or Flex will actually have a price range of $1,925 – $2,565. If there’s any truth to that, then we also might be seeing a couple or several variants of the device which is expected to be announced in the first half of 2019.

Because they’re introducing new technology, we’re not expecting something that is even close to their most expensive current smartphone lineup. But still, that’s a staggering price to consider, especially for something that may still be untested and the tech is still in its early stages. This can also mean that the Galaxy F may not be intended for the general consumer but will instead be a “concept device” for those who can afford it and want to check out something new and different.

Because the price ranged leaked is a bit too wide, we may also be looking at several models or variants with different storage tiers or even display sizes. The precision of the leaked possible cost of the smartphone may actually come from the calculation of the production and parts so this may not be the actual retail prices. However, given that a previous leak also said that it may be around $1,770, then this may not be far off.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a rumor floating around is that the foldable display device from Samsung will be offered exclusively only on the Samsung online store and local carrier EE. The former will only bring a SIM-free version while the latter will offer it both on contract and SIM-free as well. The estimate they gave in terms of pricing is around £1,500 and £2,000 which isn’t far off from what we’ve been seeing.

Aside from pricing rumors though, we still haven’t seen much detail about the upcoming phone, except for Samsung to say that they will be announcing/releasing it sometime in the first half of 2019. The question now is whether Huawei or LG, which are both rumored to be working on their own foldable displays, will beat them to the punch. Also, will they be as expensive or more affordable than the Samsung F / Flex?

VIA: GSM Arena, Gizmodo UK