Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung remains to be the top global OEM. Its numbers may be declining at times but it still is no. 1 in the mobile game. The Android community is filled with dozens to hundreds to probably thousands of phone makers but Samsung is still the best. It used to be in tandem with Apple but now the game has changed as Huawei is now on the 2nd spot. The Galaxy S9 and the Note 9 were some of the top flagships this year. We know more budget and mid-range devices will be unveiled and next year, we can expect a major shift in the mobile business as the South Korean tech giant will reveal a truly foldable-flexible phone, the Samsung Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X will be introduced earlier perhaps at the CES 2019 and will be followed by the Samsung Galaxy S10 in February. The S10 will be more special as the phone is confirmed to feature an under-display fingerprint sensor.

Samsung is making important changes to its smartphone strategy, especially in the mid-range arena. This way, Samsung will be able to capture the millennial market. Expect more cutting-edge features to be added to budget- and mid-range phones mainly the Galaxy A series so we can imagine a shift in the business.

Premium specs on mid-range phones aren’t new since most OEMs have already done such. Huawei is one perfect example together with Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi among others.

This move by Samsung is highly anticipated since more OEMs are able to deliver mid-range devices with premium features and specs. There may be a global slowdown right now but we know Samsung can make the right adjustments. We’re looking forward to a new year and new stuff from Samsung so let’s just wait and see.