Samsung isn’t new when it comes to mobile photography as the company sells compact cameras that make our lives easier. When it comes to phone cameras, its premium phones especially exceed our expectations. The imaging technology can still be improved with a simple hardware upgrade or software update. For a more direct approach, totally change the image sensor. And that’s what Samsung wants to do.

Samsung wants to follow Sony when it comes to mobile photography. The latter uses an Motion Eye camera on the Xperia XZs and XZ Premium. The South Korean tech giant plans on making its own and hopefully bring it to the next Galaxy S smartphones that will be introduced in the near future.

Samsung Semiconductors specifically will be the division in charge. This on-chip memory is a new tech that can allow many frames, about 1000fps, or even slow-mo video. It can also store many frames and take advantage of the 3-layer chip that includes memory, control logic, and pixel.

Interestingly, the two companies have already worked together with Samsung using Sony and Samsung sensor depending on the region and availability. This move to create a new imaging sensor is one way to beat Sony in the camera sensor game.

VIA: Korea IT News