When it comes to the Samsung manufactured YP-MB2, all we’ve seen up until now are some screenshots, and heard a few rumors here and there about the supposed feature-set of the Personal Media Player. Positioned as a true contender for the personal media crown (up against those iDevices, you know), we’ve been waiting for the longest time to get a “real” shot of the device. And, on a Monday, here we are, staring right at it.

And, as anyone would have guessed, the YP-MB2 looks exactly like a Galaxy S. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but considering how many Galaxies are floating around out there, we’d think that Samsung would want a little aesthetic differentiation out there. But, apparently not. The only thing it seems to be missing is a front-facing camera, and on the back the camera is only 3.2MP. But hey, at least it has as camera, right?

Samsung is reportedly going to officially announce this media device on August 11th. So, we don’t have that long to wait at all. And, basically, you should start hoping and praying (and crossing your fingers) that this gets an official release date here in the States, or we’ll be pining for the rest of our lives. As for memory, that’s supposedly set at 8, 16, or 32GB. Oh, and let’s go ahead and cross our toes and hope it’s coming with something other than Android 1.6, shall we?

[via Samsung Hub]