We have received word that Samsung is working on their “Gphone” with the aim of second quarter next year for Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile. It is with heavy heart that we inform you guys that there are no leaked spy photos or renders of this handset….yet.

Samsung currently has 30 Linux and Java experts working very hard on pushing out the new Android-powered handset. They have a team of up to 80 developers currently working on this project. These developers have reportedly been hard at work for about a year now, all we know is Sprint better get a phone quick.

Now down to the fun stuff, the “Gphone” will apparently be a touchscreen – which Samsung is particularly not good at – and will be much sleeker than the Omnia. Samsung officials said, “We are accelerating the development process for Google phone in order to meet the specific need of local carriers. We will be able to release Google phone in the second quarter of the next year in the US market. ”

[Via SlashGear]