Samsung is doubly busy these days, prepping for the upcoming Galaxy S8. The rumored April launch may still be a few months from now but we can imagine how stressful and demanding it is for any business or company trying to get back from a recent slump. Samsung didn’t really go down but it needs to prove once again the premium quality of its products. The Note 7 was a total failure and we don’t want that to happen. As for the Galaxy S8, we’ve been hearing good things about it.

The latest information we received is that it’s coming with a new AMOLED display. Samsung is already known for such panels but this could be an improved version. What’s more interesting is the idea that the Galaxy S8 will arrive in two variants and the display screen of the smartphone will be big. There is the possibility of a larger display screen that is almost bezel-free.

Samsung is obviously looking to release a bigger phone with a huge screen. The AMOLED display shows really vivid red, yellow, and greed for clearer photos. There’s also the idea of a Blue light filter, 3.5mm headphone jack, top and bottom speakers, and two display sizes (5.7-inch an 6.2-inch). There is also a possibility of two variants: flat and one with a curved edge.

No word from the South Korean tech giant but expect more rumors, leaks, and renders to be revealed before the official product launch.

SOURCE: Samsung Display