If you’re part of the 3% of Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea that have not returned their devices to Samsung, you probably will finally stop using the phablet later this month. The OEM has announced that in a software update to be released later this month, the users will not be able to charge their devices anymore. While they have been limiting the battery charges previously so that owners will finally have theirs replaced, this means when your battery is finally drained, you won’t be able to charge them at all.

It does boggle the mind why some Galaxy Note 7 owners would not want to just exchange and replace their units. Due to the various reports of the battery catching on fire, Samsung was forced to do a global recall for the initially promising smartphone. While a lot have already “turned in” their devices, there were still some holdouts that is why they had to come up with various ways to “force” people to not use their phablet.

This is probably the final move that will totally prevent users from still using their Galaxy Note 7. Previously, they only prevented the phone from charging to certain levels and also restricting or totally shutting off access to networks and carriers. Hopefully then, they will finally surrender the phablet despite repeated warnings already.

Samsung is expected to announce the new flagship device next week, which will then be released in April. Hopefully for them, it will be a phone or a line of phones that will make the public forgive the brand for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

VIA: Yonhap News