Samsung recently began teasing about “Something New” that will be coming in January. And well, while we were not convinced that the something new would be the follow-up to the Galaxy S3, it seems that bit has now been made clear — Samsung will not be announcing the Galaxy S4.

This confirmation comes by way of CNET, who are reporting based on “people familiar with the company’s plans.” Simply put, if you were holding out on buying a Galaxy S3 because you had hopes of an S4 coming soon, you may want to rethink that purchase strategy.

Samsung has yet to offer anything solid as to when the Galaxy S4 may be unveiled. And while Mobile World Congress in February may be a possibility, we suspect that Samsung will make the announcement at an event of their own. In the meantime, the Galaxy S3 is still selling nicely and still being updated. In fact, Samsung recently offered the teaser video which showed the Premium Suite on the handset.

For those wondering what we may see from Samsung at CES, there may be some disappointing news for those waiting for something mobile, or Android. According to that same source, Samsung will not have any “major” mobile news at CES and instead will announce “a number of electronic products, heavily focused on televisions.”

[via CNET]


  1. i hate this news sooooo much! i mean at least tell everybody that there isnt gonna be a new phone rather than make everyone dissapointed and bring there popularity back


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