While we still have no idea what exactly it will bring to the mobile device table, Samsung wants us to get all excited for its new Artificial Intelligence product called Neon. It will be launching in a couple of weeks at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January 7. The Korean OEM seems to be pulling all stops in marketing this STAR Labs product, even getting an Academy Award-winning director to tweet about what is probably a collaboration.

Samsung is calling this project an “artificial intelligence being” that may become your “best friend”. As to what that means is still not understandable, even with all the other tweets and hints being posted. Academy Award-winning director Shekhar Kapur tweeted out that what we’ve previously seen in SiFi (sic?) movies only will become a reality. He referred to STAR Labs head Pranav Mistry as the one that will bring this to your home.

According to PC Mag, Neon’s official Twitter account has also been tweeting out images of models saying “Have you ever met an Artificial?”. The posters are actually reminiscent of the TV show Humans which was about life-like Androids who revolted against the human establishment. Their official website also doesn’t offer much information except for the tagline, the logo, and swirling colors. Teaser videos on Instagram aren’t much help as well.

What we do know is that Samsung’s research division has been deep into developing AI technology that will be able to speak, recognize, and think like humans so they can bring “AI-driven experiences and value to its customers”. How this will work together with their voice assistant called Bixby is anyone’s guess at this point. On their resear CESch page though, we can see the Bixby logo so we know that somehow, it will be connected.

While there are some that think Neon will be the AI-evolution of Bixby, it’s more likely that it’s just a concept product or a preview of things to come. All will be known when they debut whatever it is at the CES this coming January 7.


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