Planning the next steps in total world domination, Executive VP for Samsung Electronics David Eun revealed that the company is expanding into software and services. This, of course, is in addition to the growing number of devices that the software will run on, ranging from smartphones to smart TVs, and even maybe smart appliances.

That Samsung is eyeing a deeper relationship with software seems only natural. It has practically inundated the market with its hardware, especially smartphones. Although Samsung will naturally deny it, innovation on hardware has slowed down a bit and the game seems to have switched over to the software arena.

Samsung is quite confident that it will equally be successful in software as it is in hardware, despite detractors saying that the company is a bit clueless when it comes to software and services. In its mind, Samsung already has the needed network of people, companies, partners, and users to make it all happen. Sure, it has some experience in software development when you take a look at how far Samsung goes into modifying its Android devices. But it might sound just a wee bit too optimistic to see Samsung as the next big software brand. And it isn’t really aiming that high and sees software simply as a necessary stepping stone for keeping their hardware products at the top.

That Samsung will be strengthening its software thrust might cause a bit of anxiety in the Android community. Despite being one of the top manufacturers in Android charts, Samsung hasn’t really been popular for how much it diverges from the standard Android path. A recent patent licensing agreement between Samsung and Google has kindled renewed hope that the Korean manufacturer would start to fall in line. This news, however, might serve to worry those who fear Samsung going off on its own path again.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal