Samsung Galaxy W22 5G Specs

This year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 is getting a Chinese version. Just as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 got the Samsung W21 5G as its bigger version, the 3rd-gen foldable phone will have the Samsung W22 5G. As early as June, the Samsung W22 5G was mentioned to be the next China-exclusive Galaxy Z Fold phone. The official launch has come and it’s actually earlier compared to last year as the phone was revealed in November.

Basically, the Samsung W22 5G is really just the Chinese Galaxy Z Fold 3. This is a more premium version with 16GB of RAM and 256GB onboard storage. Of course, with better specs come a higher price tag. The phone is CNY 16,999 which is about $2,640 in the United States.

Samsung W22 5G offers ultra-fast 5G connectivity. It looks premium and precious in gold and Phantom Black. The spine is textured gold.

The Samsung W22 5G also comes with S-Pen support. Some features and apps may be limited though as it doesn’t include Google Mobile Services. Apps are region-specific so you can’t just easily download any app you want.

The 5G foldable pone looks really premium. The price is expensive but we know many Chinese consumers will support Samsung. There aren’t many foldable phones out in the market but Samsung is way ahead of the competition. You can now pre-order HERE.