If you were doubting the Galaxy S5 would be released at MWC this week, watch the video below. Running through a variety of scenarios, Samsung gives everything the power of “5”. The end, which promises a “new Galaxy”, pretty much seals the deal.

We’ve heard quite a bit about the Galaxy S5, from wild rumors about screen resolution and fingerprint scanners to an entirely new form factor. We don’t expect the S5 to be groundbreaking, but Samsung’s flagship always brings some interesting features. It also sells like mad, and we definitely don’t expect that to change for the S5. though Samsung is cautious optimistic about sales figures this time around, the Galaxy S5 will likely help them retain their top spot in the Android realm.

While we can speculate ad nauseum about what the video is “trying” to say, we’ll tone down the speculation a touch this time. Like they did with the S4, Samsung wants their flagship to be part of your daily routine, and the video runs through a variety of scenarios you’re likely to see in life. Given some of the frames in the video, we’re guessing the S5 will be rich in camera features.

The video, sleek and stylish, is hopefully a precursor to one other Samsung promise. Samsung has said this unboxing will skip the grandiose acting and stage production of events past, which is bitersweet. We hate having to watch it, but we really love poking fun at Sammy for them. Whatever comes of it, we’ll be on the ground at MWC, bringing you all the goings on — especially with Samsung.