Overclocking has become really popular over the last few weeks. With a little risk and knowledge you can take your already impressive device and make it even more amazing. Now, adding to the many devices that have been overclocked, the Samsung Vibrant has hit 1.6 GHz.

The method to do so has not yet been released to the public but we can expect a guide very soon. Early benchmarks include a Quadrant score of 3196, and more importantly a Linpack score of 12.3. Proving to be even more wickedly fast, the Samsung Vibrant is just one of the first Galaxy S phones to get overclocked – and with it now being cracked we can expect to see more here shortly.

They are also working on fine-tuning the GPU bringing in some great graphics benchmark scores, so expect this to go mainstream to make your already powerful Vibrants, even more amazing.

[Via CyanogenMod Forums]