Just recently, the Samsung Epic 4G was announced for Sprint, now we’re revealing the Vibrant for T-Mobile USA. The most noticeable difference is the lack of a physical keyboard that the Epic 4G had, other than that the looks are pretty much the same. The Vibrant essentially took the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S gave it a new name and put it on a different market, T-Mobile is set to release the new smartphone.

The Vibrant comes with a 4 inch, Super AMOLED touchscreen, a 5MP camera that can also take up to 720p of video. Other features include GPS, wifi, bluetooth, the ability to access the microSD slot for extra storage, which can total up to 32GB. Along will come a pre-installed exclusive game, Amazon’s Kindle software which allows you to read as many as 600,000 titles. Also James Cameron’s Avatar movie will come on an extra 2GB microSD card. Starting July 21st the phone should be available to T-Mobile customers, with pre-order starting the 1st of July at places such as Radio Shack. The overall pricing for the newest best Magneta wireless carrier will be $199.99.

[via SlashGear]