One of the best reasons to root your Android device, is to get your hands on some wired and wireless tethering options. It’s one of the greatest features of Android, and probably why all the carriers out there want to charge us for it (we’re lookin’ at you, Verizon). But, that’s not stopping Samsung from giving the option right from their own software, and some ingenious individuals out there from finding out how to actually use it.

The Samsung Vibrant, utilizing Samsung’s very own Kies software, can be tethered. Yes, without root. All you need is a USB cable (hey, that comes in the box!) and a PC that’s running either Windows XP or Windows 7. (No Vista?) The software that we just mentioned will make it perfectly possible for the Vibrant to function as a tethered device, you just need to know how to access T-Mobile’s network. Instead of go through a lengthy text format, we’re including the video below. So, if you’re interested in tethering your Vibrant without an app or rooting, here you go:

[via HackaDay]