It’s getting closer! Take a peek at this FCC application that’s just passed, it’s got all the markings of a possible next wave version of the original, and not much to hold us back from such a conclusion. The original T-Mobile Vibrant had the model number SGH-T959, this new one is dubbed SGH-T959V. It’s a Samsung device, and it has support for AWS – just what a T-Mobile handset would need to access their 3G / 4G network.

This had better be the new Vibrant too, if they’re going to reach that launch date as well as an appearance at this year’s Mobile World Congress. For that matter, we’d better be seeing more than a couple more phones passing through the same door in the next few days or expect some totally unauthorized phones at the show! Take a peek at some Samsung Vibrant 4G contravercy right over here.

[Via FCC]