Check it out, TmoNews has a sheet clicked showing the Samsung Vibrant 4G [aka Vibrant Plus]- and it appears to be T-Mobile’s first 4G phone that’ll give 21+ Mbps speeds! Not only that, it’ll be exclusive to T-Mobile, had a front facing camera for video chat via Qik, and it’ll be running on – drumroll please… Android 2.2 Froyo! That’s a Galaxy S feat and a half! It’s got a 4″ Super AMOLED Touch Screen, 1GHz processor, 16 GB memory expandable to 32 GB, and a 5 Megapixel camera on the back capable of 720p HD video capture.

Speeds on HSPA+ 21, 480×800 pixel resolution on the screen, and a size of 4.82 x 2.54 x 0.39 inches – with a price point of “To be decided.” In this stats sheet set they mention that they’ll be doing all sorts of promotion: TV ads, cinema ads, print media (magazines), digital and paid search, Hero placement in T-Mobile retail stores, product microsite, a robust PR and Social Media Campaign, placement in T-Mobile Scoop customer newsletter, and Co-marketing from entertainment partners like Amazon and Slacker (Radio.)

Inside the phone you’ll find Mobile HD TV powered by T-Mobile TV, Preloaded full version of the movie “Inception”(!), doubleTwist Air Sync for wireless syncing of music, photos, and videos, Samsung Media Hub, Amazon Kindle, and Slacker Radio. Lastly, it’s interesting to note that the document says that the original Vibrant sold nearly 1 million units to date and is “the #1 selling Galaxy S device across all US carriers.” What does that say about how well this child will perform for T-Mobile?

Will the pink and gray stripes wail out another winner?

[Via TmoNews]


  1. This doesn’t seem like a big enough change from the original Samsung Vibrant. The 4G is awesome, of course, but other than that it basically just has a FFC and 2.2, right?

    I wish that it would have had a dual-core inside and a better camera on the back. I love my Vibrant, and if they could have put something together that was a really solid upgrade.

    Still, more phones are coming every day it seems =)

  2. @Nate The battery isn’t very good on the original as it is, so dual core wouldn’t be very feasible I think.

    I love my Vibrant, but the three things that I seriously wish it had, are being implemented into the Vibrant Plus, which pisses me (and I’m sure every other Vibrant owner) off to an unimaginable extent.

    Front-facing cam is a big thing I wish my Vibrant had, but I knew it didn’t have it and obviously would never have it because it is hardware, and I was okay with that. But waiting so freaking long for Froyo, and having spotty 3G service with slow speeds and random coverage, is something I was hoping they would finally fix on these devices. Unfortunately, they’re a business, and they want money for their efforts, so they’re going to make us buy the new Vibrant Plus just to get to use their faster network and Froyo build.

    The processor looks to be 200Mhz faster, but I still don’t know how much that would affect normal performance as the phone is already fast.

    Almost tempted to sell my Vibrant and buy the new one, just for the three things I mentioned… I hate you Samsung/T-mobile. -___-

  3. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Never, never, never will I buy a Samsung product after the con job over the original Samsung Vibrant. And T-mobile should be ashamed.

  4. hspa21 is the same network! It is the upgrade of 3G. The old “vibrant” and any T-Mobile phone that run on its 3g should run on its “4g”. True 4g will be LTE. You want a phone that will use LTE network.


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