Samsung is on top of the world right now, and standing on HTC’s shoulders to the get there. In the last quarter of 2012, Sammy turned in a record profit of $4.5 billion dollars, a 75% increase over the same time period the previous year. By comparison, HTC’s total income dropped by a whopping 26%. Both companies have more than just Android smartphones and tablets filling out their consumer electronics lineups, but the #1 and #2 Android manufacturers, it’s a statistic worth knowing.

Samsung has become the clear leader in consumer electronics as a whole over the last year, with just over 40.5 billion dollars in total sales in the last three months. That gives them an operating profit of slightly less than 10%, an enviable statistic for any company, and downright amazing for the hardware sector. Strong sales in the smartphone sector helped power Samsung through, even as its business-to-business sales of memory chips suffered. In total phones (not just Android) Samsung sold more than 300 million units – about one for every man, woman and child in the United states.

By contrast, HTC’s predicted flat quarter turned out to be anything but. Profit slumped by 2.5% amid the large net income drop, the first time that the smartphone maker has lost profit in two years. HTC is well behind Samsung in the global smartphone market (the smaller Taiwanese company doesn’t make “dumb” phones) but has been basically neck-and-neck with Samsung in the US, at times ever surpassing its regional market share for Android devices. HTC cited increased competition and a slumped world economy as the reasons for the downturn.