Any self-respecting product launch, especially one from leading global gadget manufacturers like Samsung, would not be complete without the accompanying accessories to match its premium products. And at the South Korean smartphone giant’s Premiere 2014 event in New York City today, they also unveiled a number of accessories that come with its high end Galaxy Tab S tablets.

First up is what Samsung calls the “Book Cover” for the Tab S, which serves both as a regular cover and case and doubling as a viewing stand for the tablet. The Book Cover, when configured as a viewing stand, provides users with three different viewing angles for the times when you would want to just view movies and videos without holding the tablet aloft. Another cover, which Samsung calls the “Simple Cover”, is a more pedestrian version of the cover accessory and just provides protection for the device.

The cover accessories are also available for the 8.4 variant of the Galaxy Tab S, if you were wondering. Please admire these pictures below.

An interesting add-on to the already feature-laden Galaxy Tab S is the “Bluetooth Keyboard” accessory. Samsung claims that the keyboard offers basically what a laptop keyboard does, converting your Tab + Keyboard combo into a veritable netbook, or at the very least, a more “work-friendly” version of the tablet.

Lastly, there is Samsung’s Level Series sound accessories – headphones and speakers – that users can choose from as add-on to their tablets.

The Galaxy Tab S comes in two variants, a 10.5-inch full tablet and a smaller 8.4-inch one. Both of the variants are designed with vibrant Super AMOLED displays for all the eye-candy that you want displayed on your tablet. The pair is expected to shake up the high-end tablet market, with their premium features and gorgeous-looking displays. At the very least, it gives Samsung two Super AMOLED tablets to boast on in its line-up, as most of its earlier tablet offerings have been ordinary at best.

SOURCE: Samsung