Always expect Samsung to plan a major event when it’s announcing new flagship products. Aside from wowing the mobile crowd with their sleek form and premium specs, Samsung managed to showcase some new accessories ready for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. Not much details are provided but the images are enough to tell us how you can accessorize and protect your next phablet purchase.

Here’s a rundown of the new accessories available for the Galaxy Note 5:

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Clear View Cover
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Clear View Cover 2

This case is both functional and stylish. You can easily see important notifications on the small UI display. No need to lift the cover to know who’s calling because you’ll see the information on the screen. You can choose from these three colors: Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, or Black Sapphire.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Clear Cover
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Clear Cover 2
The Clear Cover promises a firm hold on four corners of the phone. No need to worry about scratches and bumps especially on the edges.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Glossy Cover
samsung galaxy note 5 glossy cover 2
This one is a super slim Glossy Cover with a new metallic finish. It will always look shiny, thanks to a special anti-fingerprint and scratch coating.

Samsung Galaxy S View Cover
Samsung Galaxy S View Cover 2
Without having to open the cover, you can see important information and access special functions from your Galaxy Note 5. The S View Cover provides premium protection and will be available in Gold, Silver, Black, and White.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Wallet
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Wallet 2
This slim fit cover offers convenience especially when you need to run for quick errands or coffee. The flip wallet can carry your money or credit card whenever you need to go out.

Other accessories for the Note 5 include a Keyboard cover, Glitter Cover, Wireless Charger (Fast Charge), Battery Pack (Fast Charge, 5200 mAh), Level on Wireless Pro, Level U, and the Level Box Pro. (View gallery below for more information on each accessory)

SOURCE: Samsung (1),(2)