We already knew that Samsung was going to start pushing out Android 2.2 for th Europe-based Samsung Galaxy S devices populating that region some time in November, but it looks like the company has started the show a little earlier than anyone might have predicted. Of course, the results are still the same, and some owners of the device out there may indeed have to wait a little bit longer, but at least we have confirmation that it’s beginning now.

According to a new tweet from Samsung UK Mobile, the Froyo roll-out begins today, and will continue all the way until the end of November. By that time, “everyone” should have it. Of course, Samsung is quick to point out that if you want to “prepare” for the update, you should download the latest version of their software, KIES. It’s a good sign for those in Europe that Android 2.2 is coming, but for the Galaxy S owners in the United States, it’s just a tease. There’s still no word as to when the four major wireless carriers, all of which have their own versions of the Galaxy S device on their network, will start rolling out the update. Hopefully it’s soon.

[via Samsung UK Mobile]