While you’ll probably never run out of things to watch with all the Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime TV, and all other services around, there are still some people who may be looking for things to watch that will not cost them much. For those who have Samsung Smart TVs, one service that they could continuously and exclusively access is Samsung TV Plus, a service that gives free and instant access to select channels, movies, and shows. Now this service will become available for select Galaxy smartphones.

While Samsung TV Plus may not have as huge a library as the popular streaming services we mentioned earlier, it does give you access to video content from more than 135 channels with “quality programming” in news, sports, reality TV, movies, kids shows, etc. The service was initially offered for 2016-2020 Samsung Smart TVs as one of the ways to entice consumers into getting the TV, by offering free and exclusive content that only Samsung TV users can access.

Now those who own the newer Galaxy smartphones will be able to access Samsung TV Plus as well. It will be available for those who own or will be buying the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy S20 series, and the Galaxy Note20. The app is already available for download in the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store, of course for free. There are no subscription sign ups, the content is just there for your viewing pleasure.

As to what content you can access, some of the channels included are Kitchen Nightmares, Baywatch, PeopleTV, and PlayersTV. The channels may not be the most popular, but if you just want free content, it should do. For those looking for movies, there’s The Movie Hub channel and the FilmRise Free Movies channel. There is also kid-appropriate content with nine dedicated children’s channels.

There is also available news content from channels like CBSN, Cheddar and NewsNow from FOX, Bloomberg TV+ UHD, among others. There is also something for gamers with VENN and IGN1 as well as lifestyle shows and home innovation programs from the likes of Lively Place, The Design Network, etc. Galaxy smartphone users, will you be getting aboard the Samsung TV Plus train?


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