Samsung has trademarked three names with the USPTO, which could signal a few new devices in tow. The “Galaxy Adore”, “Galaxy S Fitness”, and Galaxy V:” (not a typo) have all been registered, and the ‘Galaxy’ naming hints at devices. The patent wasn’t forthcoming with specifics about how or where these names would find use for Samsung, though.

The patent only suggests Samsung will use them for devices, and with such a broad range of offerings, who knows how that will turn out. The “Galaxy S Fitness” sounds as though it would be a flagship wearable (think Gear Fit, only better), but the Adore has us scratching our heads. It may just be a name Samsung would use for a mid-range smartphone, but that’s just speculation on our part.

The “Galaxy V:” is the really interesting notation here, considering Samsung trademarked the colon as well as the name. Could it be for a new lineup? If Samsung were planning to offer a new range of devices, it would make sense to trademark a colon as well as the name. We’ve not yet heard of any mysterious devices passing the FCC, so it could be a placeholder.

The trademarks may just be that, and used for nothing at this point. Samsung could be readying a few new devices, or even a whole new lineup of devices. We’ll keep these in the back of our mind for another day, when we see unnamed devices from Samsung pop up.

Via: Phone Arena