In the usual Samsung fashion we are seeing three new trademark filings this week. This isn’t really anything unusual because over the past few months we’ve seen tons and tons of these filings. Sometimes six at a time for Samsung, all being names for Galaxy devices. Today we have three new ones to add to our list while we wonder if they’ll ever hit the shelves.

Samsung manages to come up with some rather impressive names for their phones. Instead of EVO 4G LTE Touch Pro+ and such. We’ve seen Galaxy Premiere, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Thunder and more although their popular phone, the Galaxy S II only saw a few variations. It appears they are stocking up on possible names for phones, tablets, and even media players with new names today like the Galaxy Amp.

The latest filings spotted at the USPTO is for Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp, and Galaxy Helm. There’s really no telling what Sammy will use these for. We might see them next month, next year, or they’ll never see the light of day. Who knows. I could see some of their previously filed names like the Premiere being the name for the Galaxy S III later next month when it arrives for AT&T and others. I also like the older name we saw in the Galaxy Stellar, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

[via PocketNow]