Ready to see yet another arm of Samsung’s Galaxy? Apparently running low on letters, the South Korean manufacturer has trademarked a new series of product names, none of which we’ve seen before and all starting with their ever-present Galaxy moniker. The Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Heir and Galaxy Rite are all on the books at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That’s a pretty good indication (but not a certainty) that we’ll be seeing them pop up in the United States in the next few months.

Since Samsung’s high-end phones have tended to stick with the “S” moniker and a few variations, we can speculate that these names are either low-end phones (Sammy has plenty of international models to choose from for import) or carrier-specific titles for more generic designs. United States cellular providers have a nasty habit of insisting upon unique names for phones that are already on the market elsewhere – see the Galaxy S II LTE renamed the Galaxy S II Skyrocket for AT&T. And of course, with so many smartphones being released every month, it pays to claim dibs on a product name before your competitors do.

Android Community will be on-hand at Mobile World Congress 2012 to see if any of these phones show up in lieu of the Galaxy S III, but you shouldn’t hold your breath – Samsung will have a smaller than normal presence anyway, and the Barcelona show doesn’t usually cater to US carriers. Still, there’s a shortage of worthy smartphones in the small and cheap category in the US at the moment, and Samsung has plenty of options that haven’t reached our fair shores just yet. Here’s hoping we get a few more soon.

[via Fusible]


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