Samsung isn’t doing any rebranding anytime soon but it needs to work twice harder than the past couple of years. The Note 7 fiasco definitely had an effect on sales and consumer trust. Good thing though the South Korean tech giant was able to regain public trust but it needs to exert more effort as there are threats of Chinese OEMs taking over in several countries and regions. 

We won’t say what Samsung needs to do exactly but perhaps some change in strategy, pricing, or materials may help a bit. In the near future, we may see new phones built with a combination of Magnesium and Aluminum. Other devices such as wearables and tablets may also use the new material according to a recent trademark filed by the company.

‘Metal 12’ is said to be the same material used on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. It’s never too early to discuss the next premium flagship phone by Samsung because they are always highly anticipated. This means a more durable yet lightweight phone build from the rear side. The display panel may still be brittle but the chassis will be able to carry the components with a more well-built design.

The ‘Metal 12’ is described as magnesium aluminium alloy. We won’t see it used on the Galaxy S9 and S9+  just yet but later on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The flagship phablet is expected to feel and look more premium with this Metal 12. We’re not sure if it will be more expensive but it will definitely be lightweight.

VIA: Galaxy Club