There are some apps that are favored with updates almost every month, and then there are some that were a bit experimental but eventually proved to either be not that popular or too much of a hassle to develop (or both). It seems like Samsung feels the latter for their Game Recorder+ as they announced that it will be shutting down its game video recording doors by February 28. No reason was given for the closure, but we can assume that either not many people were using it or they might be releasing a newer and better similar product soon.

If you’ve never heard of Game Recorder+, it was launched back in 2015 and basically, it just lets Galaxy owners record the screen, as well as internal audio or the mic while they’re playing games. For non-gamers, yes that’s a thing. People like watching other people play video games, either to get tips or they’re simply interested in what other people do when they play such and such games.

But apparently, Samsung doesn’t want to continue this app as they announced that by February 28, 2018, Game Recorder+ won’t be around anymore. They encourage you to back up your videos made with this app because after it’s gone, all videos will also be deleted. All you have to do is touch the save button on the recorded video and it will be saved on your device.

In case you still want to watch or even make your own videos while playing, there’s always Twitch or YouTube Gaming or tons of other apps available in the market.

SOURCE: Game Recorder+