The annual Consumer Electronics Show is not just a chance for OEMs to show off their newest devices and products, but some are also taking the opportunity to test out experimental projects. Samsung is one of the companies that do that and this year is no exemption. At the upcoming trade show happening in Las Vegas from January 7-11, 2020, they will be showing off five projects from their C-Lab Inside program and four start-ups rom their C-Lab Outside program.

But first, what’s the difference between the two C-Lab projects? C-Lab Inside is an idea incubation program within the company that lets Samsung employees come up with creative and technological solutions to some common problems. C-Lab Outside is a startup acceleration program that helps create more technology-related opportunities in Samsung’s native South Korea. The company gives them financial support, business collaboration, and global opportunities like being showcased at CES.

The past few years, C-Lab Inside has been focusing on health and convenience and this year, they will be showcasing five projects that are keeping with those themes. SelfieType uses your phone’s front-facing camera and converts your finger movements into QWERTY keyboard inputs. Hyler is a highlighter that will digitize the analog text that you want to convert. Becon is a device that will analyze your scalp and give you hair loss solutions. SunnySide is a window-shaped artificial light that should help you get your dose of Vitamin D if you can’t get the natural source. Lastly, you have Ultra V, a sensor that should be able to measure your UV exposure and Vitamin D consumption.

For the C-Lab Outside Startups, four will be showcased at the C-Lab booth at CES. Circulus is a humanoid robot that can be a “friend” to talk to and reacts to you based on facial expressions, and content of your conversation. FITT is a healthcare data platform for three types of exercises, namely cardiorespiratory, posture, and muscle strength. VTouch lets you control devices by tracking your eyes and fingertips and can be used by industries likes smart cars, smart home, etc. Finally, you have Smoothy, a group video chat that lets you talk to up to 8 people at once.

Since C-Lab started in 2012, 40 alumni projects have been launched as start-ups already and they are running independent from Samsung. 8 of them will actually be at CES as well but with their own booths this time around.


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