Each day is a new chance to learn more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The standard flagship phone is said to arrive in another variant–the S7 Edge. But today, we discovered there’s another one: a Galaxy S7+. We’re guessing the three will differ in sizes with the S7+ as the biggest phone. Of course, the Edge version will have a curved screen.

There are some pages on the web, particularly at Itskins, that tell us there will indeed be three S7 models. As for the display sizes, it will be 5.1-, 5.5-, and 6-inches. That’s based on the images of protective casings for the future Samsung Galaxy S7 phones. Each case though is listed as pre-order for the obvious reason that the devices have yet to be announced. Perhaps those who are planning this early to get the next Galaxy S can already order for one.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature a flat 5.1-inch display screen while the S7 edge will feature a 5.5-inch curved screen. The 6-inch screen will be available in either flat or curved. So instead of just two smartphones, we can expect three new models from Samsung when the South Korean tech giant makes an official announcement sometime in February.

Not much information have been given, just and idea how the protective cases will look.