Probably one of the most difficult and annoying things to do while you’re on your smartphone is to fill up online forms. When you’re entering information, your enter key sometimes becomes “Go” so when you press it, the form is submitted even if you haven’t actually finished yet. Now Samsung wants to make your life easier as its default Internet browser will get a feature called “Smart Go Next” to help with those pesky forms. The other good news is that it will come to Chrome browsers soon.

Basically, what this does is to turn your virtual keyboard’s Enter key into a “Next” key so you will go directly to the next field that needs to be filled up, in case you’re not yet done with the form. After you’ve filled up all the necessary information, the enter key will then change back to “Go” so that you’ll be able to finally submit the form. It’s a small thing to be adding to your Internet browser, but it makes a big difference if you think about it, especially if you fill up a lot of different forms online.

If you don’t use Samsung Internet as your browser or if you don’t have a Samsung device, the good news is that it will also come soon to Chrome. They’ve already submitted it to the Chromium project and Smart Go Next will already be part of Chrome 62 beta. It should work with Android keyboard apps soon.

But if you’re using Samsung Internet, which is actually a pretty good browser that is similar to Chrome in several ways, you can update it now to be able to have a hassle-free online form filling up experience.

SOURCE: Samsung