Samsung has introduced iris recognition first on the Note 7 and then followed by the S8, S8+, and the new Galaxy Note 8. The South Korean tech giant has incorporated facial recgnition but it’s not as ready and accurate. The technology still needs to be improved. Although it won’t reach perfection just yet, an increase recognition rate is much appreciated. Hopefully, we’ll get to witness that on the next-gen Galaxy S9.

Samsung is said to increase the speed of facial and iris recognition by improving on the front sensor. There is no confirmation yet but as with tradition, the next premium Galaxy S phone is definitely an improved version of the previous model. Some features and specs may be retained so we’re assuming the software will be updated further.

The front camera and iris recognition sensor on the upcoming Galaxy S9 may also be the same but the software should be more powerful by utilizing the infrared sensor better. What it does is illuminate the eye to help in distinguishing the iris patterns. With important changes on the code, with a few tweaks on the code, the system performance can be improved.

The front panel sensor recognition has bigger potential as long as powered by the right software. Once improved, new apps and programs that require such technology may be developed and introduced.