So imagine that your smartphone can do this – not only record you humming a tune of your own making (which it can easily do), but also build a full musical score around those few notes. That’s what Samsung, via its collaboration with secret project outfit C-Lab, will be unveiling at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year.

SWSX has grown in scope since it started as a purely music festival in the 1980’s. In recent years, it has grown a film festival arm (SXSW Film), and an emerging technologies arm (SXSW Interactive). At this year’s SXSW interactive, Samsung plans to unveil a few secret apps, one of them being Hum On! – an app that can build a musical score around a tune that you are humming.

The Hum On! app will record hummed melodies, which is pretty easy. The trick is that it is supposed to build a musical score – depending on your choice of type of arrangement (R&B, classical, or rock) – around the notes you hummed. “For hundreds of years, music has only been created by a select few, but that will no longer be the case,” explains David Choi, Creative Leader of the project. “With Hum On!, we aim to provide a platform where anyone can turn their inspiration into great music.”

Among the other apps Samsung will feature is Waffle, a new content-sharing application that allows people to collaborate on art, and Entrim 4D, a VR accessory that synchronizes your body with the changing movements in video content – which allows you to feel more a part of the video you’re watching (see video clip above). Watch out for these new stuff from Samsung.


SOURCE: Samsung