The year is about to end which means tech companies are working on their Top, Best, or Worst lists left and right. If not lists, perhaps they’re working to announce their plans for the year 2016 or the possible lineup or schedule of new products. Samsung is one of those few brands that are consistent when it comes to teasing the general public. The past few weeks, we’ve been hearing rumors about the Galaxy S7 and the release of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow for devices. This time, let’s take a break from the smartphones and focus our attention on Smart TVs.

Samsung is actually positive that sales of smart televisions will pick up next year. The tech giant is still on top of the mobile game but it’s not a profitable as before. No thanks to the Chinese OEMs offering cheaper smartphones. But for 2016, Samsung is also set to expand its Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Just like LG, the company is expected to announce new smart home products that can be connected using the SmartThings platform.

To complete the smart home experience, it’s important that Smart TVs are good enough for viewing and many other “smart things”. The SUHD TVs part of Samsung’s 2016 lineup will be compatible with the current smart devices from the brand and other third party companies. In the near future, everything will be connected at home whether cameras, phones, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, thermostats, lights and even locks. Those who were pessimistic about the smart home ecosystem must be thinking differently now because there is certainly potential.

If in 2014 and 2015, the smartwatch era begun, the smart home industry might grow bigger in 2016. A lot of manufacturers are looking in to manufacture more smart devices so we’re assuming more similar products will be showcased at the upcoming CES. The future of TV will be showcased during the event and Samsung will be demonstrating how the smart TVs are the center of the IoT ecosystem.

Right on the Samsung Smart TV, the home owner can see when visitors are already at the gate or front door. You can see who are the guests exactly before opening the door. Notifications can pop up on the TV to alert the consumer of important data or information. Such will be most useful for your security.

SOURCE: Samsung, SmartThings