While most Samsung users are still waiting for Android Pie to finally roll out to their devices (don’t hold your breath as always), we’re seeing some of the features that the Korean OEM will be bringing through Samsung Experience 10. Of course what we’re still seeing are the beta builds but it shows what we probably can expect to see what will happen to our devices once the final build rolls out. The latest beta update for the Galaxy S9 shows a tap gesture to show the Always-On display for a few seconds.

Currently, if you want to see your Always-On display, well, you’d have to have it turned on. Or you can also have it scheduled so you just have a specific time when you’d want your phone’s screen to display pertinent information. But with this new beta update, it brings a gesture that will let you see it on demand. All you have to do is double tap your screen when it’s locked and it will immediately show your Always-On display.

You will be able to see a music player, your current notifications, calendar events, alarms, and weather. You will be able to see the display for around 30 seconds before it will go back to your locked screen. While the name itself says it’s always on, this Always-On Display actually eats up your phone’s battery (and memory) and so most people just choose to disable it. Now with the gesture, you should be able to access it anytime you want.

Based on a video from a user showing off this new gesture, we can also expect a few changes in how the display looks, at least in terms of the notifications. It has a rounded square look and is now colored blue instead of the previous white. The gray border that you see in Samsung’s adaptive icons seem to show up with this update too.

If you’re “adventurous” (meaning, technical) enough, you can already try installing the beta build for your Galaxy S9 using the guide in the source link. As for Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 users, you’ll have to wait for the updated build.

VIA: XDA Developers


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