If you still need further proof of how big Fortnite, that ubiquitous online game, has become, Samsung will be releasing exclusive accessories developed specifically for the game’s players who are also users of the Korean OEM’s devices. The Samsung Galaxy Fortnite accessory kit will be unveiled not through your usual event, but fittingly enough, during an exclusive livestream on Twitch. They have tapped popular streamer Ninja (Tyler Blevins in real life) to introduce the world to this new gaming kit.

Ninja is actually the most followed streamer on Twitch and a huge Fortnite star, so it’s not really a surprise that Samsung chose him to unveil the accessory kit to his eleven million or so followers. The exclusive livestream will also have actress Nora Lum, more popularly known as Awkwafina of course, rapper Travis Scott, and the winner of the online contest Hector Diaz, a member of the US Army. They will be the members of Ninja’s gaming squad called the #NinjaGalaxySquad.

Samsung has yet to give us a peek into the accessory kit but they did say it will have a glider, back bling, and a harvesting tool. We are assuming that it will also share the same cosmic design as the exclusive skin that Samsung released for the game previously. It will be designed for the Galaxy Tab S4 and the Galaxy Note 9, which was where Fortnite first became available when it debuted on Android.

When the in-game Galaxy skin was first introduced, some of the gamers actually went into Samsung stores, used the demo units to log into their accounts in order to claim the item. Samsung probably has some safeguards in place now so there will be no repeat of the situation and those with the Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Note 9 will be able to access the accessory kit.

The livestream unveiling of the Galaxy Fortnite accessory kit will be on October 30 on Ninja’s Twitch livestream. If you don’t know how or where to get to that, then you’re probably not the target market of this particular Samsung promo anyway.

VIA: SlashGear