To many of us, Samsung is the Android manufacturer. The company routinely puts out sleek and sexy devices like the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, but its plain blue logo doesn’t match the attractive handsets it has on offer. That might all change come CES 2013, as Australia’s Channel News is reporting that Samsung is planning to reveal all new branding at the show in January.

According to this report, this new branding will “present Samsung with a more vibrant international brand image.” That means the blue logo we’re used to is on the way out, and each sector of Samsung’s larger business will get individually colored logos that give each sector its own identity while linking each to the larger Samsung brand at the same time. The sources Channel News spoke to say that Samsung has hired Scott Bedbury to help develop this new branding – Bedbury has done branding work for both Nike and Starbucks in the past.

These sources also claim that Samsung higher-ups have been told not to order new business cards, but instead to wait until January to do so. That little tidbit of information suggests Samsung will unveil this new branding at CES 2013, and we’re thinking that the company might choose to reveal its new logos alongside a brand new device. Perhaps we’ll get the reveal of the Galaxy S IV to go along with the announcement of Samsung’s new logos?

This new rumor is certainly an interesting one, and it makes a lot of sense considering that Samsung’s logo doesn’t seem to match its business. Of course, it’s always good to take whispers of such things with a grain of salt, but CES is only a couple months away, so we should be finding out if there’s any truth to the rumors soon. Keep it tuned here to Android Community for more information.