Good Lock on Samsung devices is a pretty good tool to have if you want to be able to tweak and customize your phone’s One UI. It has several different modules that you can use to personalize your device according to your own preferences. A reddit user has spotted a new module available called Samsung Theme Park and no, it’s not a game where you build your own theme park. It actually lets you create your own custom themes based on your current wallpaper.

Reddit user u/prabhavtiwari first spotted the new module on his Good Lock and the description simply says it is a service “to create a theme and install it quickly”. As promised, it’s a pretty easy process to create your own theme since it bases it on your current wallpaper. A post on XDA Developers talks about how simple it is to create the theme even if you don’t have any html or programming knowledge.

Once you’re in the Theme Park module, just tap on the Design new theme button and then whatever color your wallpaper is, it picks up the main ones and then creates options for you. You can choose from the available ones and then the module will create a new theme based on that. Tap on the Style option so you can choose a color palette for the UI elements. Tap on the Icon option so you can further customize the icon, icon label, and tray colors.

Before you finalize things, you can see a live preview of how it will look like on your device so you can tweak things until you are fully satisfied with how your customized theme looks like. Tap on the Save button and then the module will install it automatically on your device. In case you run into problems, you can also download the NiceLock app where you will be able to manage the Good Lock modules as APKs.

The Samsung Theme Park module is available on the Samsung Galaxy Store. It should work with most devices that are running One UI.