Optical image stabilization (OIS) camera technology has brought better image and video shooting to smartphones, thanks to drastically improved stability sans any vibrations as the lens inside the camera moves to compensate for the jitters while in action. Now Samsung is looking to make the next leap in camera shooting stability technology for phones courtesy the sensor-shift stabilization innovation. It is already a common feature in digital cameras, and Apple brought it to the smartphone arena with their iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Sensor-shift stabilization is all about moving the phone camera sensor as a whole, rather than the lens for superior image and video quality. There are also rumors that The South Korean giant is working in tandem with Japanese camera maker Olympus to bring this camera tech to compete with the likes of Apple.

Currently, Samsung is testing the camera technology under the wraps according to trusted sources. Don’t expect any upcoming Samsung phone to have the new camera tech as it is speculated to debut on a phone only by next year – most probably on the upcoming flagship range of devices in its arsenal.

It’s high time for Samsung to show their prowess in smartphone camera department as Xiaomi has already upped the game with their Mi11 Ultra which now tops the charts on DxOMark. Other players like Vivo have also increased the pressure with X60 Pro Plus which has a good camera setup to entice buyers.

With phones now having room to fit in larger camera sensors, the technology is going to hit the smartphone makers in the coming months. Perhaps, it will become commonplace in a couple of years, and users will fancy having a camera setup that’s better than before – especially in shaky shooting conditions.