This time around we don’t need to wait for a few brave souls to crack open their shiny new device. Instead Samsung has tore open their popular Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet hybrid device for us, and are showing the insides and all. Thanks to SamsungTomorrow we have a few photos below.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice is the lack of comments regarding some of the actual specs. Although they shred it down and show us the PCB and all the internals that make their devices run like clockwork, we still don’t know the CPU details on the AT&T Galaxy Note. While looking at the pictures one does have to wonder how they manage to squeeze all that in such a small device. It really is impressive if you ask me.

We’ve seen plenty of teardowns in the past so this isn’t really anything new and not as complete as others either. It’s still fun to look over the photos and see how it all works. From where the S-Pen stylus goes internally to the WACOM chip that is so highly accurate at pinpointing the S-pen movement. More details can be found from the via link below and don’t forget to check out our hands-on with the AT&T 4G LTE Galaxy Note that is coming soon.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]